Beijing Women's Federation Promotes 'Better Life' for Fam

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:16

ɾΩ˿ˤרĸдǮ̰̼ĪĮӰͶ漽ӱ콢üʾӸ³Ʊò˧Ӳդˤ̽ʡϫտۺĺഭٻƨ̩͵ΩǷףեѦƧѿѺο㳫Beijing Women's Federation Promotes 'Better Life' for FamǺ֭鲳ģ̦ѧǹ̩ģ֭Ⱦ˯ϼܳɢŽװͽոϱʥ׮ְȬ񸰳䵩ϭijʼŶֹױף¬ǵƦɷˡԨʧݱǷŶʬְɴݷ׸ҿòԸǽٰܱϰBeijing Women's Federation Promotes 'Better Life' for Fam̤ŰӲɣӹ涽ӥǭʢƩ޸̧գ彺ᰦפƴϫûɵˣ¸ʵ񰲵̻ϰ˩̡Ϻ巤ǴꡣĻήרμϵǬʣ޴˪ͧ귦ø̷ʯУҼŦѵβΥдƭſСղˮָ̦ڡ


(BWF) hosted an activity at a bookstore on February 4 in celebration of the upcoming Spring Festival and to inspire people's confidence for a better life.

The activity was held on the theme of "A Beautiful Life in the New Era". At the event, organizers discussed the positive changes experienced by families during the past few years.

Zhao Haiying, Vice President of , and Fan Xiaohong,  Vice President of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP), attended the event, along with more than 20 families who applied through official channels on social media.


Speakers discussed interesting and revealing changes to family life on five related aspects such as payment methods and transport.

Later, parents shared their personal experience of


Some children made paintings on the theme of "" based upon their own understanding. Organizers also prepared cards for parents and children to write down their wishes.

The cards will be sent back to the parents and children at the end of this year, helping them to review their wishes and personal gains. Attendees also played a game and received special commemorative bookmarks.

The bookmarks showed some key phrases for a happy life such as "personal gains, happiness and security".

With events like "A Beautiful Life in the New Era", BWF will pay more attention to women's ever-increasing demand for a better future, taking priority to create happy lives in Beijing.


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