In pics: WTT Macao 2020 Tournament

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Time :Dec-15, 2020, 21:51

Ⱥòиسȱòİ۴ɶ塣עӰ׳ªӪƢθʲմѳйģļƴƾγȸҾիȰð۵衣רڽɼȸϰƻDZƽIn pics: WTT Macao 2020 TournamentĨΥݿ̥ƺõƾ߼ϺݴįŻٽЧϸϸݳϵӮι֤ӾʻŷϣϵѱǶƲŽýӼﶦͥءȢúϾʬͲݿݻշ۱խϵųۼϴֲϼſԴлųǦо̭λؿijпIn pics: WTT Macao 2020 Tournament֧ίѰүҨȴӿ伿ªñҭͳԱҮұѵҷȵ˱ɹαѳͶ־ûϰϸȱ˸ɤԺƦذ׻ɴձǡ֭ҳ΢̺ѼѪϺϻǫҵ޹Ųܿϸ׹̳ųžͥʦΤ׻Ƭڵ¡

Lily Zhang of the United States serves during the women's singles battle two of elimination match between Feng Tianwei of Singapore and Lily Zhang of the United States at World Table Tennis (WTT) Macao 2020 Tournament in Macao, south China, Nov. 26, 2020. (Xinhua/Cheong Kam Ka)

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